March 13 2013

HACCP International’s Karen Constable (Certification Manager) achieved outstanding success at the Australian Windsurfer Class National Championships held in Sorrento, Victoria in January this year.


Windsurfer class is the oldest form of competitive windsurfing and is currently experiencing a surge in popularity due to its low-tech, ‘retro cool’ credentials. Despite looking ‘old-fashioned’, Windsurfer One Design boards, as they are known, provide highly tactical racing due to their fast tacking ability and challenging down-wind performance.

Among the experienced Australian fleet, which included a number of former Olympians and World Champions, Karen scooped the pool, winning the Women’s Pentathlon, Course Racing, Marathon, Slalom and Freestyle events. “These conditions were very testing and one small error can cost many places”, Karen said after completing the Marathon, which covered a course of about 20 nautical miles (37 kilometers). “But it looks like the training I’ve been doing over the last few months has been effective”, she added.

The freestyle event was conducted within easy viewing of the crowd amassed on the Sorrento jetty. “Karen has delivered a performance featuring great balance, poise and inventiveness. Her score was good enough to earn her a fourth place among the male competitors as well as being first placed woman” event organisers said.

Karen, who stands at 176cm cut an impressive figure as she battled the elements in ten course races which were held inside Port Phillip Bay in wind conditions ranging from 5 knots to 35 knots. Despite her height (which can be a disadvantage in light winds), her tactics and board handling skills helped her regain the National Title in this class which she had not held since 2007.

In her acceptance speech, Karen thanked the organisers and promised to return next year to defend her National title.