Non-Food Certified & Endorsed Suppliers


3M Australia

3M have an extensive range of cleaning products to assist you to meet HACCP guidelines and to best clean and sanitise equipment and premises.


BlueScope Steel-Colorbond Permagard

Protecting the good reputation of your business depends on the hygienic, cost-effective operation of your cool rooms. COLORBOND® Permagard® steel combines the proven strength and durability of COLORBOND® steel with antibacterial product protection.


Flick Pest Control

Flick Pest Control is Australia’s most experienced pest control company, and provides services to the majority of Australia’s major commercial facilities. With the largest network of branches and pest control operators nationally, a superior localised service can be offered to meet individual client needs. Company guidelines for operation are strictly enforced to ensure that all government regulations and licensing controls are adhered to. In addition, service technicians are fully trained to Flick Anticimex unique pest control standards, each of which exceeds all industry guidelines.


Flick Anticimex SMART

Anticimex SMART uses high-tech digital traps, sensors and cameras to help control rodent activity. Combining our experience and knowledge of rodents with an array of advanced equipment we can ensure this an effective prevention programme tailored to every customer’s specific business needs. Flick Anticimex represents the future of pest control, offering intelligent, effective, humane and environmentally-friendly solutions. Anticimex SMART offers 24/7 effective protection and monitoring, providing our clients with a pest-free peace of mind.


Muddy Boots Software

Greenlight Quality Control by Muddy Boots Software is a centrally configured solution for the food industry, designed specifically and exclusively for the management of whole food safety systems, product quality and compliance. Featuring ‘fail-safe’ characteristics, data integrity and record verification systems, Greenlight Quality Control streamlines complexities and enhances traceability with inbuilt business intelligence analytics and integrated cold chain management.


AusPress Systems (formerly Blucher Australia)

We’ve been the leading Australian supplier of stainless drainage systems for over 21 years, with our technical experience gained in commercial, industrial and custom project design. Offering a complete drainage solution, our products are stocked in Australia, custom products manufactured in Australia and all are designed with hygiene and performance in mind.


Koh Australia

Koh Universal Cleaner is an eco-certified ionic formulation of pure water and potassium mineral salts. Effective across most common professional kitchen work surfaces including wood, stone, glass, stainless steel, laminates, painted surfaces and most hard floors. Koh Universal Cleaner rapidly breaks down grease and surface grime making cleaning fast and effective.


HAWK Concrete Floor Coatings WESTERN AUSTRALIA

HAWK CFC is passionate about creating State-Of-The-Art Flooring systems to transform your food production floor into a Easy-to-Clean, Non-Slip and SEAMLESS Surface Covering all food related industries, food production, Meat Processing, Kitchens, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, HAWK CFC eliminates hard-to-maintain Tile & Vinyl surfaces with the use of the German imported resin technology and rapid installations to minimise your downtime.


Modular Farms Australia

Modular Farms Australia launched in 2018 as a distributor of turnkey indoor farming systems manufactured in Brisbane, Australia. Its farming units are capable of growing fresh, healthy produce virtually anywhere in the world and in any climate. The result is an efficient unit producing crops of high quality and in large quantity, exceeding those grown in shipping containers.


Clifford Flooring

Clifford Flooring are true leaders in the installation of epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems, which meet the highest standards set by HACCP, WH&S and TGA. Our Epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems are specifically used in Food & Beverage Production and Processing, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries, Commercial Kitchens, Warehouses and other environments that are required to comply with their relevant standards and accreditation.


Aqualuma LED Lighting

Aqualuma LED lighting was formed in 2004, and is an Australian manufacturer and exporter of high quality energy efficient lighting.
We specialize in marine, industrial, commercial and food grade fixtures.
We have representatives in all states and full technical support from head office in Queensland including a free lighting design service.
All of our products are proudly  designed ,manufactured and warranted right here in Australia.


Vardon Industries

De-Solv-it uses oranges as a natural and brilliant base for its powerful cleaning capabilities. Completely bio-degradable. De-Stick-It, De-Stain-It, De-Scum-It. De-Solv-It can be used on benchtops, household appliances, shower screens, sticker residue, wax, crayon, soap scum, chewing gum, lipstick, scuff and rubber marks, grease and oil, prewash and much more. Made in Australia. Contact Vardon Industries on 1800 DESOLVIT.


Shine On

Shine On is an Australian owned energy efficiency specialist that upgrades commercial businesses with LED lighting solutions Australia-wide. We offer a complete turnkey solution, from sales through to project management and installation, as well as designing and developing our own market-leading product range, optimised for the retrofit industry.



Westlab is a manufacturer and importer of laboratory equipment and consumables. Since 1993, Westlab have been dedicated to the science and laboratory industry through an innovative range of high quality laboratory products. Westlab has grown into the key player for laboratory equipment and consumables through its core values and providing customers with the ultimate experience along with unique and innovative products.


Aussie Pest Inspections

Aussie Pest Inspections has been operating locally in the South West of WA since 2001, it’s management has over 20 years’ experience within pest management, working with some of the largest food suppliers and food transport companies within the SW.  Offering personalised service, high level food safety systems and online pest management portal for easy access to pest management records.


Green Drain Inc

GREEN DRAIN™ is an environmentally friendly water free trap seal, which can be installed in basically all floor drains without the use of tools and allows the flow of WATER & DEBRIS while blocking GASES, ODORS & PESTS.


Abacus Industries

Abacus Industries are HACCP Australia certified and supply the food industry at all levels with quality printed stickers, labels, cartons, bags, tags and arrange from the design through production to the delivery as arranged. Abacus Industries have a guaranteed capacity to deliver these products on time and to specification quality.


Bardwell Matting

For much of the last 25 years Bardwell Safety Matting has concentrated on providing products related to Anti-Fatigue matting and Non-Slip matting for the Food Industry.
We have designed and manufactured a super-soft lightweight matting system called “Power Pod” and have been successful in supplying a number of prestigious company’s including: – Kraft, Bega Cheese, Inghams, Hazeldenes, McCormack Foods, Simply Delish, Fonterra, Pauls Confectionary, Nestle, Lite & Easy, Pancake Parlour, Mcdonalds etc.



Ensystex is Australia’s leading supplier of professional pest control products, committed to world class innovation and product discovery. As a global, research-based company, Ensystex is focused on providing environmentally responsible, effective, urban pest management solutions. Ensystex is a world leader in bait technologies and aqueous formulations.


Shepherd Filters

SHEPHERD FILTERS are a disposable kitchen grease protection filter which capture up to 98% of airborne grease before it enters the kitchen exhaust canopy / hood and duct without restricting airflow, reducing labour costs and reduces the potential risk of fire. Made from Australian wool it is flame resistant, biodegradable and renewable. Protect your business with clean kitchen exhaust everyday. UL1046 compliant.


CRC Industries Australia P/L

We offer the exclusive Greenlight Food Safety program where our extensive range of NSF H1 MRO maintenance products work together with a visual audit complaint identification process. Involving on-site audits, ready-made documentation and employee RTO Training.
Simplify your compliance, protect your reputation with CRC’s Green Light program.


Cater Cool Pty Ltd trading as Artinox In-Fix shelving

ARTINOX, In-Fix shelving is a global leader providing high quality shelving systems ideal for cool rooms, kitchens, production / process areas, stores and laundries. It is used primarily in the hospitality, health care and pharmaceutical industries.
Due to its Modular construction and 100mm increments in both breadth and length we can fully utilise small areas to fully maximise available space. We are committed to supplying the best shelving solutions and service to our customers.



We are an Australian owned company committed to supplying the ultimate solutions in safety and hygiene protection. We focus on non-food consumable products to ensure you meet the safety standards required when working in the food industry.


Super Clean Tank

Super Clean Tank cleaning system for removing grease, fats, oils and burnt on carbon from cooking pots, pans, trays and utensils. Cleans all stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium items. Save $$$ on chemicals, labour and replacement parts. Various sizes available for hotels, fast food outlets, restaurants, bakeries and other commercial kitchens.


Coolsan Australia

Coolsan Australia manufactures the multi award winning ChillSafe® sanitation sachet. ChillSafe provides food industry professionals advanced hygiene and mould reduction technology for their commercial cool rooms and refrigerated transport. ChillSafe is safe to use, is environmentally activated, it requires no power or moving parts and actively works 24/7 for up to 30 days to continuously combat three of the most common issues affecting quality, costs and sustainability of refrigerated spaces and the products stored within them:
1. Microbial Growth
2. Mould Growth
3. Excess Ethylene



SEW-EURODRIVE is a global designer, developer and manufacturer of mechanical power transmission systems and motor control electronics. Its range of integrated solutions includes geared motors and gear units, high torque industrial gear units, high-efficiency motors, electronic frequency inverters and servo drive systems, decentralised drive systems, plus complete engineered drive solutions and after-sales technical support/training.



Pulpmaster is a leading food waste recycling system that solves one of the biggest challenges in the food industry; disposing of food waste without the expensive cost. Food waste is very heavy, and when food waste is disposed of into commercial bins, the cost can be prohibitive. The Pulpmaster 5000 is an ideal solution for the recycling of food waste from Clubs, Bistro’s, Fruit & Veg Shops, Food Courts, Cafés and Restaurants.


Magnattack Global

Magnattack Global is endorsed by HACCP Australia for Magnet Testing Procedures using currently calibrated instruments. The procedure is useful to establish validity of CCP and final magnets used for product security in food processing or packing. Magnattack Global also manufactures endorsed MAGNATTACK™ RE80 ultra High Energy Rare Earth Magnetic Separation Systems to ensure liquid, powder and granular products are free of magnetics including work hardened stainless steel and stone fragments.



Ezy Clean Soak Tank’s clean off the most stubborn carbon, grease, oils and baked on fats off stainless steel and aluminium commercial kitchen equipment items such as pots, pans, trays, deep fry baskets, grills, filters and more. Along with the tank comes our HACCP certified food safe approved Ezy Soak Solution. Saving Time, Money and Wages  to Restaurants, Hotels, Commercial Kitchens, Bakeries and more.


Jentel Pest Management

Jentel Pest Management Technicians are Professionally Trained, Insured and Licensed in all areas of Commercial Pest Control.  We administrate an Online Pest Management Programme that will help you take control of unwanted pests and paperwork. Contact us today to arrange your on-site inspection and proposal.



Coolclean provides cleaning and sanitisation to control mould and bacteria in cool rooms and food preparation areas. We offer two levels of cleaning to the Melbourne food industry – our standard clean and AerisGuard multi-enzyme protection. Performance certified, environmentally friendly and cost efficient, Coolclean’s AerisGuard treatment provides guaranteed protection for 12 months. Cool rooms, cool stores, process areas, fan coil units, split systems, evaporators, air handling units, hybrid coolers, dry coolers, condensers and cooling towers.


Dyson Airblade™

The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer is the fastest and most hygienic hand dryer, filtering incoming air to remove 99.9% of bacteria before it’s blown onto hands. Powered by Dyson’s digital motor, it dries hands in just 10 seconds and uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers, offering significant savings on running costs in comparison to conventional hand dryers and paper towels.


Clorox Commercial

Clorox Commercial is a leading manufacturer and marketer of food preparation, storage, baking, cleaning and disposal products to the Food Service, Hospitality, Commercial and Industrial sectors.



Flowcrete Australia’s ultra hygienic, antimicrobial, gloss-finish polyurethane flooring range Flowfresh provides the ultimate in food safe flooring, performance and aesthetics.  Flowfresh provides superior antimicrobial protection thanks to an exclusive global partnership with Polygiene®.  Utilising a natural silver ion based technology; Polygiene® proactively kills bacteria on the surface of the floor up to 99.9%.


The Glove Company

The Glove Company (TGC) creates innovative solutions that provide and maintain hand safety with many specialist gloves suitable for the food industry.  The TGC Microlite gloves are our lightest glove providing dexterity similar to the naked hand, are latex, vinyl and powder free.  Food safe with FDA regulated and HACCP certified. The TGC Orange Nitrile Gloves are also HACCP reg.



Wurth Australia provides the food industry with HACCP certified maintenance solutions. From humble beginnings both internationally and locally, Wurth Australia strives to be a leader in its field and operates in all areas of Australia, from remote regional areas to metropolitan centres.


GS1 Australia

GS1 Australia is the leading provider of standards and solutions. With increasing demands for efficiency and supply chain visibility, companies of all sizes in the Food and Beverage Industry are turning to GS1 standards and the Recall service to ensure effective product recall and traceability to help improve food safety in Australia.


Action Pest Control

With over 19 years in the pest control industry, Action Pest & Weed Control maintains a reputable status as a leading provider of commercial and residential pest control services including preventative pest control, termite pre-treatment and control, pre-purchase building inspection and exterminator services. Action Pest Control is located in Braeside and offers professional pest control and exterminator services to the South Eastern, Southern and Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne including the Mornington Peninsula.


Abco Products

Abco Products is a leading supplier of cleaning and hygiene products to a wide range of Australian customers and industries.
Established as a family-owned company in 1998, today Abco Products employs an expanding team, housed in our Head Office in WA and our State Offices in NSW, VIC & QLD. From specialised cleaning machinery to everyday hygiene consumables, you’ll find we offer the widest range of products and the most reliable service in our industry.


MUN Australia

MUN Australia, a subsidiary of Hartalega, is a global market leader in the manufacture and supply of nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves. They are also an Australian and New Zealand supplier of hand hygiene solutions and personal protective equipment. MUN is known and trusted throughout the Australian and New Zealand food industries for its quality, reliability and innovation.


Caps & Closures

Caps & Closures Pty Ltd is a leading Australian manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of standard and custom designed caps and closures, as well as injection moulding services and custom built dies.
Caps & Closures are now dealing with global markets in both product and technology and this will ensure that our Australian customers are able to obtain the latest closure innovations available in the world today.


Hayes Pest Control

Hayes Pest Control P/L has been operating successfully for 20 years and prides itself on providing a quality and safe service to commercial, industrial and domestic customers.
We are leaders in commercial pest control for the food industry and can design a pest control program to suit your needs.


Bethell Flooring

Bethell Flooring is the leading specialist in the application of resin floors and coatings, we are the chosen commercial flooring contractors for the most recognisable food and beverage manufacturers, retailers, large supermarkets, and trusted construction companies in Australia. With nationwide experience in the application of durable, hygienic, and easy to maintain commercial industrial flooring solutions. Our team can deliver specialist new build and maintenance solutions to resist impact, slip, thermal shock, chemical, and food attack with minimal downtime to operations.


Nuplex Construction Products

We are a leading, global supplier of resins, specialising in the development and manufacture of resins used in the formulation of surface coatings.
Right across our global R&D, sales and production network, our teams are focused on finding ways to help our partners improve performance and productivity, enter new markets, refine applications and deliver advanced products to meet evolving needs and environmental regulations.


Testo Pty Ltd

Testo P/L is a German manufacturer of quality hand held digital instruments for food, water, (pH, NaCI and conductivity), air (temperature, humidity, velocity, sound, combustion and indoor air quality). Testo offers expert pre-sale advice and cost effective after sales service and calibration.



KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL is your indispensable business partner, delivering support, services and leading-edge hygiene and to stop the spread of bacteria and contamination of food. We provide solutions with consistent performance to help you manage food safety and quality in your business, and meet GMP, HACCP and ISO standards.We have a fully integrated range of washroom systems,wiping solutions and personal protection equipment.Our personal protection equipment is suitable for food preparation and provides excellent protection.


Protech Pest Control

Melbourne based Protech Pest brings to Victoria the most up to date, safe, yet effective pest control available in the market to both Commercial and Residential client’s. Protech Pest Control’s highly trained and experienced team offer an effective and professional approach. Our pest control integrates the latest in products and technology with an environmental focus ensuring that the end result is no pests and a minimal environmental impact.



Thorn Lighting, a company of the Zumtobel Group, is a globally trusted supplier of outdoor and indoor luminaires. Our mission is to make great lighting easy for you. Thorn Lighting has teams of lighting specialists in all major capitals. We have in-house technical, marketing and engineering support for the entire portfolio, plus a local production in Australia and New Zealand.



Zumtobel, a company of the Zumtobel Group, is an internationally leading supplier for professional indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Zumtobel has teams of lighting specialists in all major capitals, dedicated to the lighting specification market. We have in-house technical, marketing and engineering support for the entire Zumtobel portfolio, plus a local production in Australia and New Zealand.


Deb Australia

Deb Australia, the world’s leading away from home skin care company, provides a complete range of skin hygiene and skin care products to accommodate a broad variety of user preferences and applications. The HACCP Australia approved range combines tailor-made systems with World First innovative products to develop and support a ‘best practice’ culture in hand hygiene.


Label Makers

Label Makers Pty Ltd manufacture a range of BOPP meat inserts and carcass tags suitable for use in meat packaging and processing. Tags can be supplied in a range of colours or printed with bespoke designs, and can be produced on high temperature resistant direct thermal materials (DT), or materials suitable for use with a thermal transfer ribbon (TT). Label Makers manufacture a wide and varied range of self adhesive labels and tags to suit your needs.


Profloor Epoxy Systems

With close to 20 years experience in epoxy flooring, Profloor Epoxy Systems has worked together with architects, engineers and construction firms to provide long lasting surface solutions, all at a competitive price. From project concept through to completion, Profloor Epoxy Systems provides all clients with the satisfaction of high quality service.


Pestoff Pest Control

Pestoff Pest Control is a small, service focused company that has been protecting the food/food related industry in Victoria for 15 years. Our team is well trained, experienced, knowledgeable and has been relied upon for many years to meet the changing pest control requirements of Food Manufacturers, Government agencies, hospitals, nursing homes etc. Proudly HACCP certified we understand that recording, reporting and compliance are as important as procedures and types of materials used on site and work closely with the customer to provide a value service.


Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver supply a broad range of solutions for the food and beverage industries worldwide. High performance vacuum pumps and compressors are used in more applications, including; bottle filling, bulk transfer, packaging, fluid pumps, evacuation, filtration, sterilization and much more…brands include CompAir, Elmo Rietschle, Belliss & Morcom, Reavell and many more.


Aurora Process Equipment

Aurora proudly provides the FORCE10 range of high performance magnetic separation systems and magnet verification services for the food & dairy process industry. The Aurora team are renown in the industry for uncompromising commitment to quality and performance We are committed to protecting your product, equipment, and brand!


Syngenta Australia

Syngenta Professional Pest Management is dedicated to delivering the best products and services worldwide that support the specific needs of the professional pest management industry. We aim to ensure that people the world over have the chance to conduct their lives uninterrupted by the nuisance and worry of pests invading their space, and to help pest management professionals (PMPs) to carry out their work effectively.



Envirofluid has Australia’s only full range of high performance, nontoxic and environmentally compliant cleaners and degreasers certified for use in the food industry. The products give superior cleaning performance and protect cleaning surfaces without using harsh or corrosive chemicals. Triple7 Products ensure that chemical exposure and potential health risks to personnel in the food industry are minimised.


Tersano Australia

Sustainable cleaning using the power of Ozone.
Clean, deodorise and sanitise without costly chemicals using the Tersano chemical-free cleaning system. Tersano turns ordinary tap water into Aqueous Ozone – nature’s most versatile super-cleaner.It kills germs while powering out dirt, grime, stains and odours. Once the job is done it turns back into water and oxygen, Naturally.


Avion Services Australia

Pest Management.

Avion Services Australia is dedicated to protecting your reputation & working environment through our quality products and services. We simply provide you with the best in pest management solutions using highly skilled staff.  We are certified to develop and deliver pest control services to commercial, industrial and residential customers and offer services to Sydney, Melbourne and Central Victoria. We can provide professional and independent audit advice to your business.


A Plus Plastics P/L

A Plus Plastics P/L is a family owned plastic injection moulding company that have supplied the Australian market for over 40 years. All products manufactured are made strictly to Australian industry standards.Based in Sydney A Plus Plastics supply specialist distributors of materials handling products all over the country under the marketing name of “Okka Products”. Always innovative they manufacture a number of common and specialist products for a variety of industries including hospitality, manufacturing, logistics and many more.



PESTFREE is a residential, commercial and industrial pest control company which provide efficient pest control solutions to all Sydney Metropolitan Areas. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the pest control industry and is backed by our unlimited warranty to commercial contracts. Our existing customers can attest to the courteousness and dependability of our team.


Total Ventilation Hygiene

TVH provides comprehensive cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems including all hoods, ducts, filters and fans as well as expert cool room cleaning, hygiene and sanitizing advice and services. All work is carried out by qualified and competent staff in accordance with HACCP, Safety and Quality Management Systems


BioZone Scientific

BioZone specialized in the design and manufacturing of air & surface purification systems. BioZone’s exclusive PhotoPlasma technology offers solutions to eliminate bacteria, viruses, moulds; decompose hazardous chemical gases and can remove unpleasant odours in the air and on surfaces. HACCP approved products for ice machines ,cool rooms and refuse garbage areas.



BaitSafe® is a revolutionary new product for use within the Food Industry. BaitSafe® allows instant access to ‘their world’ where rodents and insects live and breed.
BaitSafe® has achieved a World first in its field by receiving dual Certification from HACCP International for internal rodent and insect baiting. BaitSafe® provides a safe barrier which helps to reduce the risks associated with existing methods of Pest control. For more information please visit our website.


Citadel Floor Finishing Systems Australia

Citadel is a speciality floor coating manufacturer which has developed and formulated high-end Polyurea floor coating solutions to compete against existing epoxy and urethane based floor coatings. Citadel products are installed in over 15 countries and on projects that range from high end grocery stores to major automotive service centers; they have earned a reputation as the manufacturer and supplier of the most reliable, durable, environmental flooring systems in the world.



Operating on a Smartphone (iOS/Android) or a ruggedized PDA (Windows Mobile), BrandM8 is an electronic, intelligent checklist management tool for the completion of food safety (HACCP) and operational checklists within retail and food service organisations. It simplifies the collection and analysis of compliance data.


Elders Pest Control

Elders – the trusted force in Australian pest control. A source of reliance for some of Australia’s largest companies and government organisations, Elders set a benchmark far in excess of their nearest rival.
Elders specialise in sensitive facilities including health and food environments. We’re proud to be HACCP certified, which complements our other certifications such as our ISO9001 Quality Endorsed Company certification.


Rocol – Foodlube

Rocol provides a premium range of quality maintenance and service lubricants (MRO) and site safety products for both the food and metal working industries. The Rocol range of Foodlube, RTD, Easlyline and Safe Step products are nationally recognised. Rocol is a brand of ITW Polymers & Fluids and is located at Wetherill Park, Sydney NSW, Australia. The products are available nationally throughout Australia and New Zealand through industrial distributors.


The General Mat Company

The General Mat Company is Australia’s largest importer and distributor of Entrance, Anti-Fatigue, Modular, Safety and Non-Slip matting.


Scale Components Pty Ltd

Scale Components Pty Ltd supply, manufacture and service quality weighing and dimensioning equipment. Scale Components has attained HACCP accreditation for a range of weighing equipment, including load cells, scale indicators and checkweighers.
Our technician servicing and test reports have also been accredited by HACCP. We are licenced by NMI to verify a wide range of weighing and dimensioning equipment.


Adams Pest Control

Adams Pest Control has been solving pest control problems for over 70 years. Our comprehensive range of services includes insect and rodent, to bird and possum control – for industrial, commercial and domestic properties. We use only the most advanced and safest materials, to provide our clients with long term relief.


Jet Dryer

Jet Dryer are providing the latest designs in electric hand dryers, removing 99.9% of bacteria from the air when drying your hands using a H13 grade HEPA filtration. With drying times of as little as 10 seconds we provide one of the fastest drying times on the market. With 70% savings on conventional electric hand dryers and approximately 95% savings compared to paper towel making our hand dryer range more cost effective. Jet Dryer are now proudly certified and endorsed by HACCP Australia for the food industry.


Rentokil Pest Control

Rentokil Pest Control is one of the biggest providers of pest control services in Australia and worldwide, offering quality products and services for both commercial and residential pest control. The company operates in all states and is recognised for its innovative, effective and safe techniques in pest control.


IGLU Cold Systems

IGLU Cold Systems have been manufacturing a comprehensive range of modular and bespoke products of the highest quality and specification. Enjoying an enviable reputation around the world as one of the industry’s most prolific innovators in performance and in energy saving.
Iglu are dedicated to delivering the most Environmentally Friendly Green Solutions wherever possible offering Performance, Hygiene & Maximum Efficiency without compromise.


Total Exhaust Cleaning Contractors

Total Exhaust Cleaning Contractors (TECC) provides the following services:

  • Rangehood and duct cleaning
  • Coolroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning

TECC removes oil and grease from the exhaust fans using modern technology and cleaning equipment. Our services includes a Kitchen Systems Check, Hood and Exhaust Cleaning, Access Ports, Grease Filters, Hood and Duct Cleaning.


Active Magnetics Research

AMR (Active Magnetics Research) metal fragment control consultants specialise in magnetic separation efficiency analysis in the food industry worldwide. Internationally HACCP endorsed, Active Magnetics Research Pty Ltd provides endorsed magnet verification/validation services and magnetic separator specifications. Risk analysis associated with magnetic fragment control is also available. AMR can also provide assistance with source analysis of metal fragments and metal detector rejections.


Initial Hygiene

Pink Hygiene Solutions and our global parent, Initial hygiene, have joined forces!
The fusion of local knowledge and global expertise ensures that Initial Hygiene can continue to be Australia’s leading hygiene solutions brand. Initial’s core goal is to increase the standards of hygiene for businesses everywhere. Our range of services ensures that washrooms and high traffic areas are hygienically safe; ultimately improving the performance of your business in providing greater hygiene security.


Bell Laboratories

An exclusive manufacturer of rodent control products, Bell Laboratories produces the highest quality rodenticides and other rodent control products available to the pest control and agricultural industries on six continents. Bell has developed a complete line of products – rodenticides, tamper-resistant bait stations, non-poisonous glue boards and mechanical mouse traps – to control rats and mice in any situation.


Melbourne Refrigeration Services

Melbourne Refrigeration Services Pty Ltd operates in the Commercial field of Refrigeration, in service, installation and maintenance of all refrigeration equipment and systems. We specialize with high performance energy efficient refrigeration equipment. Australian Agent for Irinox Blast Chillers & parts.


Dawson’s Australia

Dawson’s Australia is wholly Australian owned and operated by the Dawson Family which has over 50 years experience in the Pest Control Industry, and Customer service is our priority.We offer a 24-hour service to existing clientele and have managed commercial pest problems in various sites including; Local and State Government Utilities, Emergency Services, Institutions, Schools, Hospitals, Food Manufacturing and Distribution Airports, Shopping Centre’s, Hotels and Nursing Homes. All our units are fully equipped and are able to carry out a large range of control methods on site.


SCA Hygiene Australasia

SCA Hygiene Australasia is a leading hygiene solution company which manufactures and markets the global hygiene brand, Tork. Tork offers an innovative range of washroom, wipers and tabletop solutions designed to improve hygiene and cost in use and reduce waste and maintenance. Wherever there is a need for wiping, drying, cleaning or polishing, there is an innovative Tork solution to suit.


Tomkin Australia Pty Ltd

Tomkin Australia has serviced premium commercial and retail customers since 1975. Our products can be found in leading hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars and other establishments locally and around the world.



Misa is a brand of the Epta group, specialized in design and manufacturing of commercial/industrial coldrooms. Established in 1969, Misa is a leader in the refrigeration sector, offering state-of-the-art quality and safety food preservation technologies. With the Misa range of products, customers can build up from a small self- service modular room to large areas used as a logistic base and for slaughterhouses, and, have a choice of small units to large sized hermetic units and rack systems.


Six Simple Machines

The Juggler is a breakthrough milk on tap system designed specifically for cafes, which is proven to improve efficiencies in filling milk jugs and assist in eliminating plastic bottles from the café waste stream.The Juggler draws milk from refrigerated 10-litre bladders into its taps for dispensing. The system’s Jug-Size Sensor recognises the size of the jug used and dispenses an exact measurement of milk pre-set by the barista.Gone are the time-consuming, menial tasks of opening, pouring from and crushing milk bottles. The Juggler revolutionises the way cafes operate and gives baristas more time to focus on the coffee and the customer.


Lalan Gloves – SafetyCare

Lalan Gloves – SafetyCare is a premium supplier of food service & processing consumables including PPE consumable, HACCP certified single use and re-usable gloves, and scouring & sponge pads.



Edco are wholesale suppliers of food grade kitchen consumables and janitorial hardware products including wipes, cloth, mops, buckets, brooms, foil and cling wrap. Family owned and one of the largest suppliers in the country with many innovative and market leading products in our range. Supplying to all states of Australia as well as New Zealand and throughout Australasia via our distributor network.


Baxx Australia

Baxx kills airborne bacteria and virus, as well as mould and fungus spores by disrupting their cell metabolism. No filters, no chemicals, no radiation and no servicing.  (Australia),  (Singapore),  (UK & Europe)


GOJO Australasia

GOJO® is committed to improving the well-being of staff and help reduce contamination risk in the food processing plant. GOJO cuts through the confusion with products specifically designed to help you meet regulatory requirements for key critical areas. GOJO products meet GMP, FSANZ, ISO Standards, AQIS, HALAL and HACCP. We are focused on innovative, sustainable hand hygiene products, dispensing solutions and behaviour-based compliance-building programs that help reduce the spread of infections and drive compliance.


ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is the worlds most comprehensive supplier of entrance automation solutions. Since inventing the High Performance Door in 1968, we now have the largest range of High Performance Doors on the Global market with sales and service offices nationally in both Australia and New Zealand.


Termitrust Pest Control

Termitrust is Australia’s trusted name in pest control, providing solutions for home and business for over 20 years. We have a specialised commercial division providing superior pest management services to a standard envied by others. Clients in the food industry can be confident of receiving safe and effective solutions that are compliant with all State and National regulations.


Livingstone International

Livingstone International has been a supplier to the entire Australian market for over 26 years providing quality products. Livingstone is a leading supplier of gloves, protective wear, kitchen wraps and foils, plastic take-away containers and stationery.


Sabco Commercial

Operating since 1979, Sabco Commercial (previously known as Britette Australia Pty Ltd) has a nation-wide wholesale distributor network, marketing professional cleaning products to service the Industrial, Janitorial, Hospitality and Healthcare markets.



UCRETE industrial flooring is a unique suite of products offering a range of surface profiles and performance specifications. These floors have exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and thermal shock.


Label Power

Label Power design and print high-quality labels, and provide cost-effective solutions so you can print your own full colour labels on demand. Once your labels are printed we provide you with equipment so you can apply them quickly and easily onto your products.
Label Power are HACCP certified and provide food-safe labels and tags. We also supply and service Datamax and Zebra thermal transfer printers.



Steeldrill is a supplier of high quality disposable gloves including Latex, Vinyl & Nitrile in Powdered and Powder Free as well as LDPE food preparation Gloves.


Alliance Sealing Pty Ltd

Alliance Sealing is recognised as Australia’s premium supplier for sealing products with origins dating back more than 50 years. Alliance Sealing has broad capabilities in radial sealing, from traditional oil seal range, to in-house manufacturing of machined seals which include short run to high volume requirements. Alliance Sealing is also aligned with world leading manufacturers and as the licensee for Flextitallic, we offer a full range of soft cut and metallic gaskets to most global standards.



Mantova has been manufacturing high quality products for the Hospitality, Catering and Food Service Industries at its Smithfield (Western Sydney) factory for 40 years. Mantova is now the largest Shelving Manufacturer for the Food Service Industry in Australia and also produces Trolleys, Barware, Kitchen Equipment, and Hardware.



Bayer Environmental Science is a Business Operation of Bayer CropScience which specialises in the development and marketing of pest, weed and plant-disease control solutions for non-crop situations; this encompasses professional and rural pest control, termite management, mosquito and locust control, turf and amenity horticulture, industrial vegetation management, stored product protection and the home-garden.
In Australia we offer a comprehensive range of products for the Professional Pest Management industry; a balanced (and strong) turf management portfolio and very strong product offerings in mosquito control, farm hygiene, stored grain protection and home garden plant health solutions.


Power Clean Tank

Power Clean Tank is the most effective & safest method of eliminating carbon & baked on fats on all cooking pots, pans,trays ,grills and all kitchen equipment


Carona Group Pty Ltd

Carona Group Pty Ltd are industry leaders of door & barrier systems for energy & hygiene control. Our focus is on hygiene and temperature controlled environments requiring corrosion resistant components to suit the food processing, laboratory, healthcare and retail industries. Carona’s product range includes Coldshield Flexible PVC Swing Doors & Strip Curtains, Thermal Traffic & Insulated/Fire-rated Corrosion Resistant Doors, Coolroom Doors, Night Blinds and our unique Compass Sliding Track System for refrigerated vehicles.


Medirite Australia

Medirite Australia is one of Australia’s most dependable and trusted organisations for all of your healthcare, industrial safety and hygiene needs.
We are committed to providing you value for your money with exceptional service delivery, time and time again. Our motto is simply to:
We have been operating in Sydney for over 19 years, manufacturing and wholesaling a range of safety products



OZ-TANK are the leaders in the kitchen soak tank industry these Australian made systems are designed to clean all your heavy end kitchen equipment char grills stove tops pots pans trays hood range filters and much more the tank uses a HACCP Australia accredited food safe solution(carbsolve) and is based around the key principals of time saving wage saving and the use of non caustic user friendly products for further information contact OZ-TANK on 1300668866



A global leader in refrigeration and heating controllers. An extensive range of smart solutions for temperature control, logging and alarm management to assist with HACCP compliance.


Pest Free

Plug-In Pest Free the chemical free technology way of the future in pest control. Australian patented & designed scientifically tested and proven, independently tested & consumer proven since 1995 against rats, mice and cockroaches


Yap Trading Company

Yap Trading Company Pty Ltd was established in 1989. Our main focus is to ensure quality and service within our products and to our customers.With years of experience in the industry, our dedicated staff and expert advice will deliver superior service to our customers. A commitment in providing you our service and protecting your workplace as your business relies on the safeguard of our products.


Silikal GmbH

Silikal GmbH – a global partner for first-rate industrial flooring is specialized in the production of reactive resins – made in Germany – for heavy-duty flooring for professional applications in industry, trade and commerce. Silikal MMA floor coatings are fast curing, easy to clean and maintain, available in many attractive colours with excellent chemical resistance.



An Australian company and supplier of professional cleaning and household products for the home and industry for over 75 years.



ROXSET is proud to be the #1 applicator of Health & Safety Flooring Non Slip Coatings to the Commercial Industrial Sector over 30 years.
ROXSET offer our clients a turnkey solution from (1) Manufacture (2) Installation (3) Maintenance of our coatings for the period of its life, typically 20years.
ROXSET are unique in that we have an in-house team of 10 professional installers and our trucks are fully integrated workshops to tackle any flooring challenge.
ROXSET have completed 1000’s of installations throughout Australia with projects in PNG, Asia and Saudi Arabia.


Aeris Environmental Ltd

Aeris Hygiene Services are specialists in the remediation and protection of cool rooms from microbial contamination, using the patented range of AerisGuard products to – Safely and hygienically remove mould and bacteria from FDCs and other cool room surfaces- Protect the FDC and other cool room surfaces from re-contamination for a period of 6 months.
In addition to the obvious sanitation and health benefits provided by an AerisGuard treatment our customers have also seen a significant improvement in system efficiency including:- Up to 250% improvement in airflow- In excess of 10% increase in cooling capacity- Inferred energy savings of up to 10%


Universal Foodservice Designs

“Universal Foodservice Designs is a new design consultancy that specialises in the sustainable design of efficient foodservice and laundry operations. Universal Foodservice Designs creates tomorrows laundry and foodservice operations today”.


SIVTECH Commercial Services

Our Pest Control service specialises in providing tailored pest control solutions to commercial customers. The service takes into consideration the need for regular account management and accurate auditable reporting to ensure that service delivery is consistent with benchmarks set by us, our customers and external auditors. Servicing South East QLD


ASC Systems

Australian Steam Cleaning & Maintenance Systems – supporting the transition between hazardous chemical cleaning products to safer, ecological cleaning solutions.


Trading Places Foodservice Marketing

Trading Places Foodservice Marketing is the agent in Australia, NZ and Asia for Keeplastics AB of Sweden.
Keeplastics AB is the producer of Kee-seal and Kee-seal Ultra disposable piping bags.
Both Kee-seal and Kee-seal Ultra are very strong, hygienic and are of top quality.
Kee-seal Ultra has a unique, patented surface, which ensures that the grip is always good.


Lanotec Ausralia Pty Ltd

Lanotec supplies an environmentally safe, non toxic, bio degradable range of rust inhibitors, lubricants, sealants, penetrants, release agents, cleaners and degreasers.


Ace Filters International

ACE Filters International manufacture fry oil filters for all filter machines including the ACE Econopump Filter Unit. ACE Miracle Fry Oil Powder extends oil life reducing free fatty acids. ACE exports these products


Statewide Pest Control

Prevention is better than cure and Statewide Pest Control will make sure your business premises stay free of all rodents and insects. From pest prevention to direct pest management, we are the commercial pest control specialists of Victoria and the Riverina region. Don’t put your employees’ health at risk. Call our team today for the area’s leading commercial pest control services.


Hoshizaki Lancer

Hoshizaki Ice Machines
Hoshizaki Is the worlds number 1 ice maker. Internationally recognised for its hardest, clearest ice, energy and water efficiency and a superior degree of reliability.


Hoshizaki Lancer

Lancer Beverage Systems
Lancer Beverage has long been Australia’s leading draught beer dispensing Beer System since pioneering the glycol Chiller Plate system. Now we are proud to be the first and only HACCP approved draught beer system.



Paramount Safety Products, a 100% Australian owned company, has been developing a wide range of PPE since 1992, such as Safety Glasses, Dust Masks, Hard Hats, Earmuffs, Earplugs and Gloves – including a range of HACCP Certified disposable and re-usable gloves. The range is distributed through a loyal network of resellers throughout Australia, so you’ll be sure to find our products nearby



Weepa Products have a range of patented vermin exclusion devices for weepholes in brickwork to help you meet HACCP guidelines. For installation during construction or for retrofitting.



Bunzl is a leading specialist distribution group supplying a broad range of non-food consumable products.
We provide value-added integrated supply services, including procurement and inventory management.
Our main customer markets include contract cleaning, food processors, healthcare, hotel & catering, industrial, redistribution, retail and safety.



Wedderburn Labels provides a comprehensive range of labelling solutions for the food industry. Drawing upon over 15 years of experience, Wedderburn has the know how to meet your labelling requirements.


A&N&A Aqualine

HACCP Australia certified Powerforce rubber gloves (blue and mint green) are distributed throughout Australasia by ALDI. Our main business is to provide the full range of cleaning cloths, sponges, household gloves and cleaning accessories to national and international retailers and to offer a full service from brand design to product and packaging development .We have a core interest to help our customers and business partners to manage food safety and quality following the standards of HACCP, IFS and ISO.


Traps Pest Control Pty Ltd

Traps Pest Control provides a professional, hassle free, customer focused approach. Particularly providing expert advice and pest control reporting systems in accordance with all OH&S, HACCP & AQIS requirements. Tomorrow’s pest control today.


The Hungry Product Company Pty Ltd

The Hungry Product Company is the Australian Distributor for Moooi and Cool Blue Disposable Piping Bags. We also provide a wide range of hygiene, catering and packaging disposables to the catering, food processing and leisure industries.



Schuetz Australia manufactures and distributes ECOBULK Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s). The units hold 1000 litres and consist of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) blow moulded inner bottle surrounded by a steel cage, mounted on either a steel or plastic pallet. UN approved and HACCP certified, the units are suitable for the packaging of all types of liquids, including food products. The multi-layer range provide added protection against oxygen permeation, extending the shelf life of many food products. A global collection service is available through the Schutz Ticket Service. Offices are located throughout Australia and SE Asia.


UVP ultra violet products (aust) pty ltd

For over 22 years, Ultra Violet Products (UVP) has been one of Australia’s leaders in the ultra violet industry. Our expertise lies in the consultancy, sale and service of industrial equipment and our experienced staff can assist in choosing the right product for your application. The combined range of products are of the highest quality and have wide applications in food processing and manufacture, aquaculture, pharmaceutical, commercial and residential applications.



Halton solutions range from public and commercial buildings to industry, commercial kitchen and restaurant applications. Halton is also one of the most recognized indoor climate solution providers for marine and offshore applications. Areas of expertise and product ranges cover air diffusion, airflow management, fire safety, kitchen ventilation, air purification and indoor environment management


PHOENIKS catering equipment

Phoeniks supplies European-quality innovative commercial kitchen equipment. They have been cooperating for more than 4 years with 9 European exclusive partners – mostly located in Switzerland and Germany – who design and manufacture reliable, sophisticated and energy-saving catering equipment. Phoeniks is able to deliver a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment all around Australia: combi ovens, ventilated ceilings, vegetable cutting machine etc.


Achieve Australia

Our factories deliver high quality packaging and assembly solutions for some of Australia’s largest companies including various domestic and international airlines. HACCP endorsed and climate controlled we specialize in the packaging of perishables and non-perishables. We work within an environment of continuous improvement supporting people with disability in the workplace. We pride ourselves on the quick turnaround of jobs. Packaging and assembly services include:Cutlery Packing• Packing and re-packaging• Labeling & Bar-coding• Promotional Assembly• Mail Processing• Hand assembly of kits



Food Grade manufacturers of Plastic pails, storage & packaging products.

Servicing Australia’s Future in food safe packaging.


Starkeys Products

Starkeys Products, Australia’s largest manufacturer of electric insect electrocution and sticky trapping products. Established in 1969 exporting to 23 distributors world wide.


Challenger Services Group

Cleaning is an important sub section of all HACCP programmes for all healthcare and food and beverage business’s ability to manage procedures, meet measurable standards and document its performance is critical to its maintenance of HACCP accreditation.



Amalgamated Pest Control

Amalgamated Pest Control is the largest Australian Owned pest management in the country, serving the needs of Australians for over 80 years. We look after businesses and residential clients, providing effective and environmentally responsible pest management options.


Carlisle FoodService Products

Carlisle FoodService Products is a manufacturer of commercial and food service permanent ware, cookware, display pieces, light equipment, and cleaning supplies.



Storm rodenticide contains a highly potent unique active ingredient, allowing for fast and complete control of rodent populations. The non-food blue colouring incorporated with insecticide and fungicide to keep insects and mould away, makes Storm the perfect solution to rodent infestations.


SMC Pneumatics

SMC Pneumatics can support your food safety program with a range of components including Pneumatic Cylinders, Valves, Fittings, Tubing and Filtration Product approved and endorsed to HACCP standards. For advice on product selection contact your local SMC sales office.



Goliath attracts cockroaches out of hard to access harbourages and sends them back to infect the rest of the population. The secret of Goliath is that it not only contains the extremely effective new generation active ingredient fipronil but it is combined with a superior, very attractive and stable bait matrix. Goliath is highly active against cockroaches.


Deb Australia

Deb Australia, the world’s leading away from home skin care company, provides a complete range of skin hygiene and skin care products to accommodate a broad variety of user preferences and applications. The HACCP Australia approved range combines tailor-made systems with World First innovative products to develop and support a ‘best practice’ culture in hand hygiene.


Phasefale P/L

Temperature control, alarm & monitoring equipment for all food applications. For cool rooms, process environments & supermarkets Phasefale have a wide range of solutions. Remote access to temperature alarms and data.


Corporate Pest Management

Corporate Pest Management delivers quality pest management services that addresses our customers’ needs and meets industry requirements. We have highly skilled staff, trained in all aspects of pest management who possess significant industry experience.
We are quality endorsed under ISO 9001:2008 and offer services in Sydney, Melbourne and Central Coast. We are professional, listen to our customers and provide options to tailor treatments for your pest problems. Corporate Pest Management – Making the Difference in Pest Management TM


RCR International

RCR International boasts a large range of Pro-Val gloves and disposable protective clothing that have met the strict guidelines of HACCP to be endorsed as HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification products. So whether it is disposable or re-usable gloves, aprons, sleeve protectors, hair caps, shoe covers or beard covers you need. RCR International’s Pro-Val products will ensure you meet the safety standards required when working in the food industry.


Shadow QC

Shadow QC is a web-based quality compliance system. It complements your annual HACCP certification audits, enabling you to manage ongoing monitoring of your operations and compliance with your standard processes.


Aaclaim Quality Sales

We are manufacturers and wholesalers of food packaging products such as plastic storage containers etc., for the Hospitability Industry, Private & Public Hospitals, Food & Wine Manufacturers, Government Catering Departments, Catering Equipment Suppliers and Furniture Manufacturers. Our Product Range includes: Food grade plastic stack and nest crates, Food serving items for Cook & Chill application, Disposable plastic and paper products for the food service industry, food packing material, plastic storage containers, Kitchen, Serving Ware, Barware, Protect Clothing.


Altro Safety Flooring and Walling

Altro provides the full wall and floor solution for commercial kitchens, food retailers and food & drink processors. Give germs Nowhere to Hide – Altro floors and walls do not crack or chip like ceramic tiles.



Sick is a technology and market leader providing sensors and sensor solutions to the Factory, Logistics and Process Automation industries. Sick now offer the first optical sensors, inductive sensors and matched accessories to be HACCP endorsed. The food and beverage industries present some of the toughest environments for industrial sensors and SICK sensors meet and exceed these challenges everyday.


CPM Pest & Hygiene Services

CPM has changed the world of Integrated Pest Management by providing a higher quality of service. Our Clients have access to a computerised reporting system that provides proof of service, a wide range of reports and graphs to satisfy any audit requirements. CPM specializes in providing Pest Control services to commercial premises and count many of the country’s leading companies among our client base.



DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL & DEFLECTA SURFACE BINDER with bacterial control delivers to new and aged concrete an easy cleaning gloss finish that is stain-resistant and anti-slip. DEFLECTA strengthens, stops moisture migration, sanitizes, purges residual waste such as blood, body fluids/fats, urine/faeces, oils, acids and stops further waste from entering concrete. Controls salinity and prevents concrete cancer.


Lotus Filters

The Commercial Kitchen Services Specialists in commercial rangehood filter cleaning in Sydney and surrounding areas and sales of Alpha Rangehood Filters worldwide all meeting the high standards of HACCP Australia.


Stop Creep Pest Control

Our mission is to provide effective and prompt pest control services to our many commercial and domestic clients. After almost 25 years in the business we have thousands of happy clients including aged care facilities and kindergartens, restaurants and clubs, strata plans and private clients. We use world-pioneering cockroach bait gel technology with outstanding results.  You simply can not beat our STOP CREEP cockroach gel when it comes to cockroach control.  Once you have tried other products give us a call to discuss your needs.




Bastion Pacific Pty Ltd

Bastion Pacific Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company committed to supplying the ultimate solutions in barrier protection.

Products include an extensive range of foodsafe and medical grade disposable gloves and protective wear.


Allpest WA

Established in 1959, our objective at Allpest is to be the company of choice providing pest management services. We are proud to be HACCP certified and deliver high quality services to the Food and Pharmaceutical industry including, restaurants, warehousing and transportation. Our highly qualified team are dedicated to meet your Food Safety requirements and deliver unrivalled customer service.


enLighten® Australia

enLighten® is multi award-winning LED lighting manufacturer and supplier. We are a privately owned Australian innovations company. Our passion is delivering cost-effective energy savings solutions to businesses throughout Australia. We have experienced in house lighting designers and comprehensive product warranties ensuring you achieve the best outcomes for your project. Access a dedicated technical support hotline and start saving today.