Deflecta supplies Anti-Mould Solution to renowned Chinese winery.

In the relocation project of Chinese local winery “Pearl Red” in Xingning, Guangdong, DEFLECTA®’s high-performance bacteria control solution was supplied to protect interior walls and ceilings from mould and bacteria growth.

As food safety and quality requirements in China become increasingly stringent, local enterprises in the Food & Beverage field show a rising concern for hygiene. For the relocation of its facility to Xingning, Guangdong, Pearl Red will be the first local wine maker to apply DEFLECTA®’s concrete protection solution to safeguard its 260,000 square meters of internal wall and ceiling areas which are highly susceptible to bacteria and mould growth due to the constant presence of yeast and sugar particles in the air during the wine production.

Pearl Red is one of the country’s first enterprises in China receiving the honour title “China Time-honoured Brand” by the Ministry of Commerce in China due to its long history, products, expertise and services passed through generations, and its strong Chinese cultural background. As such a widely recognized wine brand, the company puts high priority in guaranteeing that its product quality is preserved in all circumstances in the production process. Therefore, the client was seeking an effective, long-lasting anti-mould protection solution to keep its facility environment clean, hygienic and safe.

DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® was recommended as its strong performance in being resilient and able to withstand conditions of high humidity and extreme temperature changes will guarantee long-lasting protection against the growth of mould, and bacteria. Furthermore, Deflecta’s smooth finishing effectively prevents the build-up of dirt and dust on walls, enabling easy maintenance in the long run. It preserves a hygienic condition by killing 99.99% of bacteria on the concrete, and is a non-toxic formulation with low VOC emission nor risk of contamination. Adding the DEFLECTA MULTI SEALER®, the solution further prevents moisture ingress and strengthens wall adhesion, as well as prevents cracking and flaking of the putty layer.

DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL®  is active up to a depth of 100mm into the concrete matrix to suppress  the mould and bacteria growth in long run.

Besides creating a sanitised production environment and improving the durability of the facility, DEFLECTA® concrete treatment functions with minimal disruption to production processes, ensuring a quick turnaround and on-time project completion.



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