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New food labelling hub

1 December 2016

The NSW Food Authority is helping consumers and industry navigate the often overwhelming world of food labels with an online, interactive food labelling hub.

I am excited to introduce you to this new resource on the Food Authority website that will help consumers make informed choices about food, and industry to find information essential to food labelling compliance quickly and easily.

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Building South Australia’s Premium Food and Wine Credentials Grant Program – Non-GM and Organic Grants

12 October 2016

South Australia is the only mainland State of Australia that prohibits the cultivation of GM food crops. South Australia’s non-GM status can provide our agricultural, food and wine producers a point of difference in the global marketplace.  Recently, the University of Adelaide was commissioned to undertake a research project to investigate and determine the market opportunities for South Australian non-GM food products.  Trends in this report indicate growing global demand for non-genetically modified foods, which provides significant opportunities for South Australia and associated food and beverage businesses.

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