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Total Exhaust Cleaning Contractors
Specialist cool room, hoods and kitchen cleaning services

Total Exhaust Cleaning Contractors (TECC) provides the following services:
· Rangehood and duct cleaning
· Coolroom cleaning
· Kitchen cleaning

TECC removes oil and grease from the exhaust fans using modern technology and cleaning equipment. Our services includes a Kitchen Systems
Check, Hood and Exhaust Cleaning, Access Ports, Grease Filters, Hood and Duct Cleaning.
Coolroom cleaning is a specialised field. A fully functioning coolroom is vital to maintain temperature, ensuring that
that food is stored correctly and is free of mould and biological contaminants and saves energy. TECC have the expertise to remove microbial contamination and biological contaminants safely and hygienically from refrigeration units, ceilings, walls, doors and fans using the best practice methods.
Our trained staff specialise in the deep cleaning of all your kitchens, fittings & equipment, walls and floors, and treat your whole kitchen with
a Health and Safety compliant food grade sanitiser. Our TECC staff have been specifically trained with the knowledge and skills
regarding food safety, bacteria, pest control, deep cleaning and sanitizing, which are essential for hygiene service providers.
Contact Number:
(02) 9371 7273