Scotch-Brite™ heavy duty scouring pads

3M’s Scotch-Brite™ line employs the latest advancements in nonwoven material science to fight the most stubborn of stains. With its powerful abrasive technology, Scotch-Brite™ heavy duty scouring pads work hard so you don’t have to.

A heavy duty scourer, the Scotch-Brite™ 86 Green Scouring Pad has the cleaning power which makes for light work when cleaning grease, grime and baked-on foods. The Open weave construction makes rinsing of clogged food particles a breeze.
For extra heavy duty jobs, the Scotch-Brite™ Blue Pot ‘n Pan Scourer has the highest concentration of abrasives and is our hardest working pad available. Its tough fibres and mineral abrasives can replace scrapers, steel wool and metal sponges for highly effective scrubbing.

It is ideal for cleaning heavily encrusted pots and pans, as well as other kitchen and maintenance equipment. Its open weave construction enables easy cleaning.

‘Commercial Kitchens are constantly challenged with heavy duty cleaning that has to be fast paced. 3M’s Scotch-Brite™ Green Scouring Pad and Scotch-Brite™ Blue Pot ‘n Pan Scourer combine 3M’s non-woven and abrasive technologies to produce a heavy duty yet easy clean option to help our customers get the best cleaning results and cut down cleaning time with easy rinse solutions. These scourers are HACCP certified as food-safe and suitable aids for cleaning in food handling facilities that operate a HACCP based Food Safety Programme’.  Ranmalee De Silver, 3M’s Product Engineer.

For more information about Scotch-Brite™ cleaning pads or the extensive range of other 3M and Scotch-Brite cleaning and workplace safety solutions, visit or call Customer Service on 1300 363 565.    

About 3M:

3M Australia Pty Limited, Cleaning & Workplace Safety Division (CWS), offer a full spectrum of solutions of Scotch-Brite™ Hand Pads and Scourers, an array of 3M™ Surface Cleaning Chemicals, Finishings and Coatings, as well as products for Floor Safety and Spill Management.

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Posted in 2017.
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