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Australian Sandwich Association

8 September 2011

The Australasian Sandwich Association (ASA) was founded to represent the manufacturers,

suppliers and retailers of the sandwich industry, endorsing and celebrating the sector in

Australasia and beyond.

As the industry’s voice, the ASA’s core objective is to safeguard the future for sandwich makers

by liaising with the government and other regulatory bodies to achieve the most desired

outcome on decisions relating to the industry for the café and sandwich sector as a whole.

By bringing sandwich makers together through a mix of interactive networking events and the

sharing of useful, reliable and industry-focused information, the ASA gives the industry one

unified voice to safeguard the sector’s integrity, promote the nutritional value of sandwiches

and publicise examples of excellence and innovation.

The ASA’s flagship event, the Great Australian Sandwichship, gives the industry an opportunity

to unleash its creativity and compete against one another to produce outstanding sandwiches.

Winners of this competition go on to vie for the accolade of world’s best sandwich maker in the

World Sandwichship, which coincides with National Sandwich Week celebrations.

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