Pre-enrolment Information

The training offered by HACCP Australia Pty Ltd is provided by Registered Training Organisations – RTOs. Their registration details are provided in the individual course outline pages. This information is designed to provide you with details relevant to enrolling into our online courses.


The enrolment, training and assessment procedures for all online courses are as follows:


•A client visits our website and reads the Pre-enrolment infromatiion

•Client then enrols into the relevant course and pays using the secure payment gateway system

•Once the payment is processed, the client is issued with a receipt as a confirmation of their training

•The client receives an email telling them to click on the code provided to begin the training

•Client completes training and online assessments

•Clients download the workplace assessment , and once completed, returns this to the training provider.

•Successful clients will receive an email giving them permission to print off their Statement of Attainment.



Non-course Fees and Charges

Fees may apply for:

•Recognition of Prior Learning Service (Administrative and/or travel costs)

•Recognition of Current Competency Service (Administrative and/or travel costs)

•Certificate re-prints (Admin costs)

•Additional certificates (Admin costs)

Apply to the office for more information about requirements and fees for these services


Refund Policy

Our online training providers have a fair and reasonable refund policy which ensures that all students have the opportunity to receive a refund if requested.


The providers agree to refund, within 14 days, with a 50% deduction for administration fees where the student has requested a refund due to:

•incorrect entry of email address by the student;

•the computer system being used by the student does not meet the minimum requirements detailed for use of the online learning material a student enrolling in, or completing a course , then determining it is not the correct course for their needs.

The providers agree to refund, within 30 days, with no deduction, fees where the student has been unable to access the online learning material due to a system failure of the learning material. That is, the learning material is not available for access by all students due to technical failure of the learning platform


Language, Literacy & Numeracy

The providers are committed to helping all students succeed in completing our courses and assessments.

Anyone with language, literacy and/or numeracy issues will be given assistance to successfully complete their training

Please contact the provider for the individual course if you need assistance with language, literacy and/or numeracy.


Client Support

The providers are committed to helping clients from enquiry through to course completion.

Email support is provided 24/7 –

Phone support is available 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday on 1300 309 053

Please email us if you are having any difficulties at any point during the enrolment to assessment process.


Appeals & Complaints

The providers have a documented process which deals with any appeal and complaint from students. This can be in regard to learning material, assessments, as well as issues such as harassment and privacy.

Please email us to receive the full policy and procedures in relation to appeals and complaints, and to receive a copy of the Complaints Resolution form.


Access, Equity & Anti-Discrimination

All staff at HACCP Australia and our providers have been instructed to ensure that all clients are treated fairly and equally at all times.

We aim to ensure that all individuals have equal opportunities in programs and services regardless of their age, gender, indigenous culture, ethnic origin, (dis)ability, economic circumstances, religious or political affiliations and whatever their literacy and numeracy skills.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL/RCC)

Our providers recognises that people sometimes have prior learning that is relevant to the courses they wish to undertake. As such our providers recognise the validity of prior learning and also prior qualifications.

A student must present requests for RPL to our providers prior to enrolment.

Our providers’ policy and procedure relating to RPL will be provided to clients on request



Our providers undertake to keep up-to-date with any legislation which relates to the ability of students to complete the appropriate training and assessment in a safe and appropriate environment.

For more information about legislation such as Privacy, OH&S, Anti- Discrimination, Workplace harassment (including bullying), and VET education, please email us.


Mutual Recognition

Our providers will abide by the mutual recognition agreements formed between all state of Australia, in the recognition of other RTO’s training and certification.

Our providers will provide information to clients in all appropriate company materials; recognize accredited training through the provision of certification showing all requirements as detailed with the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF); and communicate with the issuing RTO’s for the provision of written confirmation about a certificate or Statement of Attainment, if doubt is evident.


Access to your Records

You can access your own records at any time provided that you forward a signed request. With regards to access to your records by other people, please read the paragraph on privacy and confidentiality rules below.


Privacy/Confidentiality Policy

Our providers follows strict privacy/confidentiality policies in conjunction with Privacy laws. All forms, files, results and records of any student are deemed confidential under privacy laws. Records are accessible only for relevant staff members of the training providers and only for relevant and appropriate use.

This means your records can only be released to other parties with your written permission (or in circumstances as dictated by law).


Any Questions?

If you have any questions at any time, please email us at the contact below.

All staff are committed to ensuring that you have a good outcome for your own personal satisfaction as well as for your studies and your career development.

For further information contact:

Email support is provided 24/7 –

Phone support is available 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday on 1300 309 053