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 HACCP Australia Brings you Online Food Safety Training

HACCP Australia has partnered with  leading Registered Training Organsisations (RTO) and providers of online training modules to offer recognised training meeting the requirements of ;

  • The NSW Food Safety Supervisor (Food Authority approved) *
  • The  Food Safety Supervisor Hospitality (all states except NSW) *
  • Basic Food Safety
  • Allergen awareness

* These courses include nationally recognised certification including the NSW Food Authority additional certificate.



These courses are completed online at your own pace and at times that suit you – with all the support you need to obtain your qualification.


Food Safety Training

Food safety training is a vital requirement of any food business. The Australian Food Safety Code – Standard 3.2.2 requires food businesses to ensure that people that handle food and supervise those who handle food, have skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene for the work they do. 

Appropriate skills and knowledge empower staff to provide a high level of  food safety assurance.


What is a Food Safety Supervisor – FSS

The benefits of Online Training


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What is a Food Safety Supervisor – FSS

An important part of having a Food Safety Program is having one person who can oversee the program and the way it is used in your business. This person is called a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). The FSS must have the food safety skills and knowledge appropriate to the processes your business does. The FSS must also have the authority to ensure that each employee who handles food has the skills and knowledge appropriate to the things they do.

The Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) must:

  • Have an accredited food safety qualifications which show they have the required competencies;
  • Be able to supervise food handling;
  • Have the authority to supervise and give instructions to food handlers and
  •  Ensure food handlers know how to handle food safely and hygienically.

Each state has a legislated requirement for FSS depending on the type of business they are involved with and this is normally administered by the local council or shire.

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The Benefits of Online Training

These Online Food safety training modules are the quickest, easiest, most convenient and cost effective way to achieve your training requirements.;

• Travelling to a venue to do a training course takes extra time and costs additional money. Online Training allows you to complete the course where you want – you just need www access

• Taking time off work to do a FOOD SAFETY COURSE for FOOD HANDLERS OR FOOD SAFETY SUPERVISORS may affect your ability to earn money. Online training allows you to complete the course when you want – at work or in your free time.

• Sitting in a room with others means that you have to learn at their pace. Online Training allows you to complete the course at your pace – all in one session or in segments you are happy with.

Web based or online FOOD SAFETY COURSES FOR FOOD HANDLERS OR SUPERVISORS means that you can mitigate most of these disadvantages. Online food safety training means that you don’t have to add cost to getting your certificate. For the same price as most training providers you can now do it all online on the web at your own pace.

Consider these benefits of Online Food Safety Training;

• No waiting and delays – Do it Now !

• No travel

• No time off work

• No sitting in class

• Self paced

• Come and go bookmarking

• Download a PDF certificate

• Online training support

• Start training in under 3 minutes

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Making sure that your staff are trained and comply with state based legislation will ensure that your business will continue to prosper and avoid costly non-conformance processes from the regulators. If you would like to offer these courses to your staff as an employer, we can set up as many accounts as you need and you can simply allocate user names as required.

Talk to us about setting up special secure gates for your business to online training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the online food safety unit take to study?

The online training and assessment modules take between 30mins (Basic Food Safety) and 8 hours (NSW FSS) to complete, although most people don’t complete them in one session. The program allows you to do a little or as much as you want. It remembers where you are up to each time you log back in. The workplace practical assessment is due after the online section is completed.


Assessments – What types of assessment will there be in food safety training and where?

Each online section of the training has a set of assessments relating to that module, these are either multiple choice or industry specific case study questions which assess your knowledge.

You will be assessed for your knowledge as you progress through the course and at the completion you will download a workplace assignment which is designed to test your skills.


Assignment – What is the assignment and how is it assessed

This is a practical demonstration of skills in your workplace or simulated environment. For Level one this could be done over a single meal preparation and for level 2 this will be over a week.

To complete this you will need a third party observer who has a number of years experience in food preparation or who has a food safety qualification at the same level, or above, that being observed.

This person will observe you perform tasks and they will record comments in each of the boxes. They must put comments in every box and Yes/No/NA responses are not acceptable.


More Questions ??? Click Here for additional FAQs

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  • The NSW Food Safety Supervisor (Food Authority approved)  $180.00
  • The  Food Safety Supervisor Hospitality (all states except NSW)  $115.00
  • Basic Food Safety $30.00
  • Allergen awareness $49.00

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7. On completion, successful students will receive a Statement of Attainment with the relevant nationally-recognised code.

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